About Don Garber

Junior Web Developer

Web Production

You never know what's going to happen next.

My wife purchased a used Burberry checkbook cover for two dollars in a thrift shop in 2001. A few months later, deciding she didn't want to use it, she sold it on eBay - the final bid was over $160. From this moment on, I found the intertubes to be a lot more interesting than I did before.

I've worked in civil engineering and design. I've worked all levels of uniformed security, armed and unarmed; military, commercial, and academic. I've even been a casino dealer (hint: they usually take your money sometime.)

Had I known how much I'd enjoy working on, with, and around computers, I would have given my teenager-amateur-programmer more time to learn the craft.

This is the industry to be in if you're never satisfied with your current skill level. There's always something new to learn, some new software or tool to practice. HTML5, CSS3, jQuery, JavaScript, AJAX, .net, C#, ... I think it's easier to say what I don't want to learn, what I don't want to do next than list all that I do want to do.

I live with my wonderful wife and three furry children cats.

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Cancer Advocacy Network PHP

In this volunteer role, I developed a user login and registration functionality using PHP and MySQL. The ICAN website is undergoing an upgrade from static HTML to a PHP / database-driven one.

Amazon Kindle R&D Website

As a contractor at Amazon Kindle Special Conversions group, I was tasked to create an informational site that would describe the group's current activities. Projects were to be described and available to upper management and stakeholders of Kindle publishing. HTML, CSS, and jQuery (including 'Lightbox' gallery plugin) were used to create this site.

Star Wars: The Old Republic Site

I earned a contract position at Ascentium in Bellevue, WA to help them convert BioWare's Star Wars: The Old Republic MMO marketing and informational HTML website into a better HTML5 website, that features current styling and design. Handcoded using Visual Studio 2010, it was great fun to construct new pages using existing content and provided graphic assets.

MediaLuna Agency Site

A pro bono project I worked on for a local business owner. She desperately needed SEO help and HTML/CSS streamlining for her marketing and informational website. I brought her page from nowhere up to first page Google organic search results for a few key business terms, and she now says her business is very busy.

High School 50th Reunion Site

The chairman of the Everett High School, Class of 1961, gave me a commission to incorporate some functional animations and slight redesign of their existing 45th Reunion website for their upcoming 50th Reunion website. Working with a digital graphic artist and designer, we gave the Seagulls a great, exciting, themed website. I also set up a Facebook Group for the class for additional exposure and social networking.

Bowling Shirts Webstore

My bowling-and-Hawaiian-shirt webstore, this ecommerce site operated for three and a half years with a fair amount of financial success. As a sole proprietor, I was the web developer, marketer, accounting, and customer service.

Poker Supply webstore

This webstore, selling premium grade home poker and gaming supplies, in a drop-ship business model, was built entirely by hand coded html and css on Notepad. Product images were edited and manipulated using Photoshop Elements. The webstore hosting and ordering system was done through Yahoo! ecommerce solutions. Jet City Poker Supply was constructed as a very easy to read, easy to navigate website with the customer in mind. Clean, plain product pages was the priority for this webstore.

Guitar Solo Flash AS3 Application

This is a self-directed project, begun after I saw a similar Flash project by Travis Roof, where the user is invited to play a set of virtual drums. I recorded the guitar notes myself using a clean, blues amp model and a heavily distorted metal-like amp model. This was a very fun project, and it turned out as cool as I hoped it would.

Motorcycle Slideshow & Music Player Application

Final project for the second Flash ActionScript course, featuring a custom mp3 player, two tile lists, loading external assets through XML, advanced tweening, and a beautiful reflection effect.

JavaScript Image Gallery

This is a self-directed project, actually continuing the final project of an introductory javascript class. I became very taken by the disciplined approach of Unobtrusive Javascript, separating Content (html) Presentation (css) and Behavior (javascript or client-side scripting).